To retrofit Your machine with a servo-motor based H.E.S. unit is possible!

After a careful evaluation of the customer’s actual needs, Ripress makes available an updating kit for existing machines: the old fixed or variable delivery pumps are replaced with a top performance HES unit composed by a brushless servo-motor, an inverter and a gearpump, and the control panel is replaced with a brand new Ripress computer. Kit compatible with all injection machines, no matter about their brand.


Energy Saving

Actual monitoring show that the energy saving granted by the HES application ranges from 30% to 75% in compare with the traditionan hydraulics. Such a performance is comparable to those of the electric machines.

Repeatability and reliability

Repeatability and precision of the P&Q parameters, whose tolerance is granted as inferior to 1% in compare with the input value

Dynamic and quick servo-hydraulic response

Response (intervention speed) comparable to those of the electric machines

Unmatchable simplicity

The hydraulic system is simplified through the elimination of all proportional P&Q valves

Super-compact design

The system needs 35% less space in compare with a traditional hydraulic system of equivalent performance

Low operating noise

Average reduction of 30% in all operating conditions

Low heating of hydraulic fluids

Even in the harshest operating conditions the temperature of hydraulic fluid remains perfectly controlled, as the system prevents any chance of overheating and, in general, obtains a power saving for the cooling of the fluids up to 80% in compare with the traditional fixed-pump hydraulic systems.

Low heating of the working environment

The efficient control of the fluid temperature and the low interchange of heat prevent the uncomfortable warming of the operating area